ancient chinese wedding photos (well, kinda)

Lawrance and Amanda

The headdresses and clothing is all handmade and real (and real old too).  Also, the headdress I wore was incredibly heavy--I would guess several pounds.

We didn't do the entire "2 day professional photo taking extravaganza" that most nearly-weds here in Taiwan do.  We just did a quick afternoon session to get some photos of us in traditional wedding attire and a few studio shots in our own wedding attire too.

(Note the red scarfs--long one for him, small one for me.  I've yet to know why they were used.)

Like most things we do together, it was fun. :)

Lawrance and Amanda Lawrance and Amanda Lawrance and Amanda


  1. These "ancient" photos are SO great!!! I went to your Flickr account and looked at the whole set from "The Wedding Store" and they are all wonderful. LOVE IT.

  2. Hi Amanda! This is Ashley from "Missionary Moms." I just wanted to say that it is great to "meet" you and I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog! Congratulations on your marriage! What a beautiful celebration it looks like you have had. God bless you and your husband and your work!

  3. Great guys look like you're having a lot of fun! I hope married life is treating you both well!

  4. They are fantastic! But not authentic enough -- you don't have that demure, barely a grin kind of smile. And Lawrance is way too happy. Where's the stern glare?
    Just kidding. You two are always so open "kai fang" in your pics. I love that!

  5. Ha! LOL!! Our engagement photographer told us the exact same thing!! He
    kept scolding us because we were "too happy, not sweet." :) I tried to be
    "sweet" for him, then after about 2-3 photos of that he was like "never
    mind, be happy." :)


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