the engagement

YuHong and Cindy were engaged on Sunday. This is an official event in Taiwan between the betrothed’s families.

Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagementLawrance's parents with one of the wedding photos at the entry

There are few different ceremonies preformed at the engagement. One ceremony is the presenting of gifts. Here are the “gifts” given from The Wu family to the bride-to-be.
Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement

Then Mrs. Wu helped to place the jewelry on her newest daughter-in-law, and Cindy’s mother placed her gifts to her new son-in-law on him.
Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement

Like at a Taiwanese wedding, the bride and groom to be are presented with their parents to all present.  This is an opportunity to thank the guests who came as well as offer a toast.
Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement

In addition there would be a tea ceremony. (But Lawrance didn’t get any photos of that since he was a participant.)  I’ll ask Lawrance more about this, and write about it later.  I’ve actually never seen it done before, only read about it.

And, there is also an entire banquet feast as well.  But, the groom-to-be’s family slips out before the dessert is served.  Neither Lawrance nor I know why this is the tradition, but it is. :)
Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement

And, there is dress changing, toasting table to table, passing out of candy from a basket by the door as well–just like at a wedding.
Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement

Since Cindy’s family is in Taipei, both sides of Lawrance’s family together took a charted bus to the north.
This is how we get there ; )

Newly engaged women also give their friends and family members (on her side of the family) a box of cookies or cakes to help announce the engagement. Here are Cindy’s cakes:
Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement

And, here is Lawrance with the happy couple!
Cindy & Yu-Hong's engagement

Since traditionally the engagement is hosted by the bride’s family, Lawrance and I didn’t have a Taiwanese style engagement ceremony.  I actually think that is one of the reasons why Lawrance’s parents so freely let the two of us get married in my hometown with my friends and family–in their minds it was similar to the bride’s hosting of the engagement ceremony.

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