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I’m so used to using the euphemism “gone to be with the Lord” to talk about someone who has slipped from this world into eternity, and it pains me that I can’t to described a loved one’s recent death.  The sad reality is that when Lawrance’s grandmother, his Apo, died Wednesday she didn’t know the Lord.

This my first time to deal with the death of a loved one who didn’t trust in Jesus for salvation. The hope I can usually cling to at times like this is strikingly absent.

We went back to the homestead yesterday to the viewing (which will take place all week), and Lawrance will go to the funeral next week on Tuesday and Wednesday (without me since I’ll be in the States).  The funeral will most definitely be very religious and full of worship but none to the most high God.  Please pray for Lawrance and his family too.

Most funerals in Taiwan use white as the color of death, but for Apo they are using red since she died at 88 years old (89 by Chinese calendar).   Red at a funeral signifies that there is joy that she lived to such an old age.  Five generations (her and her husband count as the first) are listed on the red death announcement that will be given to friends and family.  She has lived a very hard life and worked very hard for her family.  She lived her entire life in Meinong, and in those 88 years witnessed much change to her town and her country.

She deserves to be remembered, respected, and honored but not worshiped.  Again, I ask that you pray for Lawrance this week as his family gathers to worship their deceased loved one.

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