a new year, a new blog

Lawrance and I have started a new blog called "Wuhoo!"  Lawrance picked out the name, and I love it because it includes our last name as well as incorporates a feeling of joy.

Before my year-long contract finishes with Typepad in mid-January, I thought I'd move all 920 blogs and 2745  comments to our new blog. I know that means I lose lots in the realm of being connected and seo-whathaveyous, but since that's not so important to us, that's ok . . . and, currently, all internal links are broken because they will soon point to a soon to be missing blog.  So, some maintenance and tweaking is still needed.

I love the concept behind following an unknown path, and I've loved having this little corner of the web to myself, but it's time for a change.  So . . . we're making a change.

The wuhoo! feed is new, so if you'd like to continue getting updates from us in your feed reader, you will need to visit us at wuhoo! and grab the new feed.  We would also appreciate you updating any links to us you may have on your blog/site.

And, of course, even though we aren't quite settled in yet and even though the pixels are still flying due to us still being the process of "setting up house," we'd love to have you come over, take a look around, and say hi at our new "wu family blog"--Wuhoo!! 

Go to Wuhoo!


  1. Amanda ~ Congratulations on a new blog...I'll go check it out. Perfect cute name!! I guess I should start copying and pasting recipes or whatever the 64 (!) saved posts are in bloglines before your old blog is gone. :)

  2. hello Amanda,my name is Shao-ling whom from Taiwan
    my fiance found ur blog by accident, he showing me now
    and we're getting married this September
    he is also from an Texan
    nice to meet you

  3. Hi Shao-Ling.  Congrats on your upcoming marriage!!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment; it's nice to meet you too.

  4. thanks ,really enjoy reading ur blog
    it's interesting ^-^
    we have own website too
    please check if u youare interested in


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