welcome to our new blog!!

Lawrance and I are excited about our new blog . . . well, at least I am.  I’m sure he wishes I’d take care of the ever growing mound of laundry rather than mess with plugins and widgets.  :)

I think that I have nearly all our boxes unpacked at our new home here on the world wide web. :)

There are still a few things I need to do after I’ve finished grading finals and tackled that mound of laundry:
  1. delete some of the imported posts
  2. clean up some of the important imported posts that came over with funky formatting
  3. on important posts fix the links that point to the old typepad blog
  4. create our about pages
  5. clean up the categories
  6. bring over the rest of our engagement/wedding blog stuff before our typepad account closes
But, most of the pixels have settled, and we are ready to start blogging from our new home.
Thanks for joining us!!  And please remember to update your links and grab the new feed!

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