another wedding

No, no, not another one for us.  We’ve already had two–that’s enough for one lifetime! :)

YuHong and CindyYu-Hong and Cindy

Lawrance’s brother, Yu-hong and his long time girlfriend, Cindy are tying the knot before this Chinese New Year.
We’ve been encouraging them to get married for a long time–they started dating a few years before us.  Within the last week they’ve planned to have their engagement ceremony on Jan 24th and their wedding ceremony Feb 7th.  Lawrance’s mom was like “what is up with my sons and their fast weddings?”

We took three months from the time we decided to get married to the time we actually had our wedding; they are doing it in just weeks.

Two major ceremonies in two different cities, hundreds of guests and less than a month of planning!  Plus all the other details that must be attended to to make both families happy.  Wow . . . I don’t envy them at all.  However, I am SO happy they have decided to get married.  They make such a great couple.

In fact, Lawrance and I were so confident that one day Cindy would be family that I invited her to be in our Taiwanese wedding even though I didn’t know her very, very well at the time.

Yu-Hong and Cindy at our Taiwanese Wedding

Why the rush for before Chinese New Year?  Well, it’s more auspicious.  You see odd numbers are bad for marriage–everything should be even (2, 6, 8–but of course not 4, a homophone for death).  Even numbers are good for marriage–even numbers symbolize that the two will stay together.  After Chinese New Year, Yu-Hong will be considered 29 and Cindy 31.  29 is especially bad (as are all years ending a decade).

There are so many levels of culture to this that would make a non-Taiwanese person’s head spin.
  1. YuHong is actually, right now according to his date of birth and Western counting, 27 (an odd number).
  2. His birthday is Dec 25th.  So, he will not be 29 according to his date of birth until Dec 25, 2011.
  3. But, you have to factor in an extra year for time spent in the womb.
  4. Then, you must remember that you get a year older during the Chinese New Year–not on your birthday.
Years ago, I would have thought and thought about this, and the illogicality of it all would have bothered me, but now I think “well, I’m happy for them.  Marriage is good.”

The only sad part of this good news is that . . . I won’t be there.  I’m leaving a week from today to head back to America for three weeks.  So, I’ve instructed Lawrance to take lots of photos for me. :)

Update: Yu-hong and Lawance’s grandmother passed away on Jan 12, so Yu-hong and Cindy’s wedding will be postponed.  To counter the “bad luck” of getting married in a bad year, they had to consult with a fortune teller to help them pick a very, very auspicious wedding date. So, the lunar calendar date of Feb 2nd was chosen–2/2–a good day for couples.  Ironically this is April 4th–4/4–on the Gregorian calendar.  Ironic not in an amusing way, but in a sad way as it reveals just how futile man’s thinking can be.

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