time in texas

I am SO thankful that Lawrance was willing to let me go to Texas for a month so that I could meet my nephews and spend time with the rest of my family too!

I’m thankful I was able to . . .
my good lookin' brotherspend time with my very grown up little brother

me and my nibblingsspend the mornings with my sleepy nephews

sweet babyplay with this cute, cute, cute little one and stealing all the sugars I could

playingClimb up into the chic-fil-a playscape and have a little fun :D

hanging out with the Grandparents!!Eat Mexican food with these two awesome people several times!! :)

Grandma Smith and Zoespend precious time with precious ones

Car battery dead . . .have the "washing machine cycle of life" get messed up because the car battery died

Mom and Dadhang out with mom and dad :D

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