chinese new year

Chinese New Year was weird for me this year.

I was looking forward to going back for the annual hot pot reunion at the Wu house.  But, instead I was sadly stuck  in an airport.  Because of the snow in Dallas, 1 canceled flight, 1 seriously delayed flight, 2 missed international flights, and a redirect to a different city, I missed celebrating Chinese New Year’s Eve with family.  I was supposed to arrive on Friday the day before CNY Eve, but arrived on Sunday, CNY Day.

I think I also kinda missed all the “excitement in the air” part of the holiday by being in Texas for the days leading up to the holiday as well.  So, it just made it seem weird.

I missed all  the fireworks.  I missed weeks of hearing “gong xi, gong xi, gong xi ni” played over and over in store speakers.  I missed  . . .  I just missed it.  It felt like there was no celebration at all.

Out to LunchHappy Chinese New Year!

However, since Lawrance had the entire week off for CNY, we were able to spend the entire week just together and relaxing.  We did nothing special or amazing, but it was great nonetheless.

We did go visit my best friend, Ellen and her family for a few days . . . which included seeing all her relatives, soaking in a hot spring, getting a Thai massage, making a Costco run and eating great food.

So, now the holiday and winter break are over . . . and it’s back to work and school we go . . . hi ho.  hi ho.
P.S. I’ll take seeing my precious family and spending time with loved ones over feeling “not weird” anytime . . . a little weirdness is good for the soul, right?

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