happy father's day!! and a typhoon

Today is Father's Day in Taiwan. Here's why:
Daddy in Chinese is "BaBa."
Eight in Chinese is also "Ba." So, August 8th is "BaBa."
So, Father's Day in Taiwan is August 8th. 

Actually, many people here are surprised to hear that Father's Day in America is not August 8th but rather in June. 

Today is also the 2nd typhoon day in a row.  Typhoon 莫拉克 has been perhaps the biggest typhoon I've ever experienced.  Officially 6 have died and over 20,000 have been evacuated.

We've had heavy rain and wind for two days in a row now.  It was dumping 3-6 feet of rain per hour.  And, according to Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau, "the storm was packing maximum sustained winds of 144kph."

Signs, plants, and mopeds have been down all over our city, streetlights aren't working, tree limbs are in the streets, and intersections are flooded. 

Typhoon Morakot

We took Lawrance's parents out to lunch despite the typhoon, but other than that, we've been locked inside.

So, I'd like to let Lawrance introduce his parents to you.  So, please meet my in-laws:


  1. I enjoyed hearing your voices!

  2. Thanks for the update guys! I've been thinking about you ever since i heard about the typhoon. Stay safe!

  3. Hi,
    That is so neat about Father's Day :) I will tell my husband. Do you know how things are in Tainan around St. Lucy Center? Our baby Jeremiah is there and we are quite worried.

  4. Hi Tami,

    We've not ventured far from our home, but what we have seen is that Tainan is mostly waterlogged.  People are starting to move around today and clearing up the beaten down signs and tree limbs. 

    I've heard nothing about St. Lucy's on the news--so that is good news.  And we've been watching it pretty closely.


  5. Amanda and Lawrance,
    thanks for the update on your well being as well as the video of your in-laws. I wish we had an Amanda in Honduras to keep us current on what is going on there. Stay safe in the arms of God.


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