dinner at dudu cafe

One of our favorite restaurants is called DuDu Cafe.  It is a family style restaurant that serves food that is most similar to Chinese dishes you might find in the States.

Here's what we had. . .

Bamboo Shoot (served cold)

{bamboo shoot, served cold}

Cashew Chicken
{cashew chicken}

Kung Pao Chicken
{kung pao chicken}

Pumpkin Seafood Soup
{pumpkin seafood soup}

Beef with Green Peppers
{beef with green peppers}

Now do you see why we like it?  DELICIOUS!!!


  1. Oh yum! I wish that was what we were having for dinner tonight...

  2. Mmmmmm.... especially the first dish.
    We can't get fresh bamboo here... it's so good..

  3. Ooooh!! Aaaawww!!! It does look very delicious.


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