missing home

I didn't get to go back to the good ole USA this summer.  :( 

I miss home.  I miss my parents.  I miss my brother and sister.  I miss my grandparents.

And, I'm sad that I don't get to be there in a few days when my sister gives birth to my second nephew!

Sarah and Nathan (and Clayton pre-birth style)

And, I'm sad I don't get to be there when my brother starts the new football season.


And, I'm sad I don't get to be there to play with this cuttie pie who has changed SO much since I last saw him!!

Cuttie pie

Yep, I'm missing home . . . big time this week.


  1. I wish I could bring some of home to you when we come to visit next month...but I don't think I can fit your sister, your nephews, or your brother in my bags for the long trip :) I know it must be hard to miss out on so many things here. When do you think your next trip home will be?

  2. Makes me realise that my 'home sickness' is nothing compared to yours. May God uphold you and encourage you at this time.

  3. Yeah, and even if you could squeeze my nephews in your suitcase, I'm not
    sure my sister would be too happy about that! :)

  4. We are hoping to travel to Taipei in the next few months. I know I can't bring you home but I can bring you goodies from home. Are there any items you are missing?? (I am assuming you are in Taipei by my blog traffic feed)
    You can email me at leotarocks@gmail.com if you are interested. Plus, we would love meeting someone that is actually acclimated to the area. We are just planning on winging it!

  5. I know exactly how you feel! I've been more homesick than usual these past few months, mostly because I'm craving food that I can only get in the U.S. (and also every single smell I encounter outside here is multiplying my morning sickness by like a million). I guess homesickness kind of comes and goes, depending on what's going on in my life. When's the next time you're going home? Ian and I are planning on going back for Christmas (haven't had a U.S. Christmas in about 3 years) and I'm kind of holding on to that and looking forward to that when I'm feeling particularly homesick. Just keep thinking about the wonderful work you're doing here, and what a privilege it is to be used by God to share His love with the Taiwanese. He could do it without us if He wanted to, but He let's us participate. I guess that privilege isn't without sacrifice. I'm already getting kind of sad knowing that my child isn't going to have the same kind of relationship with his/her grandparents that I did, but I'm trying to trust that when I get to heaven I'll say, "Wow, it was all worth it!" Actually, I hope I'll be saying that long before I get to heaven. Call me if you want to talk about this more, or we could just have a good cry together. I'm so with you on this!

  6. "Home" misses you too! I'm thankful for email and Skype....but it's just not quite enough! Now, if Skype could just invent teleportation..... I hope you guys have an awesome anniversary celebration --- I keep thinking about what we were all doing this time last year, how much fun your wedding was and how excited you two were. Wishing, once again, that Taiwan was closer to Texas!! Love to you both, Mom


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