i delighted in the lord . . . and he gave me YOU

I love you Lawrance!!  I thank God daily for making you my husband.

What a privilege to walk life next to you, with you. What great joy is mine . . . all because God is kind and gave me to you and you to me.

Happy 1st  Anniversary, LaoGong!!


  1. Happy 1st Anniversary. I'm sure that's the most exciting one. :)

  2. Unbelievable that it's been a year!! It seems that it just happened! Happy 1st Anniversary!!!
    (I enjoyed the slide show, but it kept stopping at 2:35 instead of continuing...I'll try again later.)

  3. Happy anniversary to the lao-gong and loa-puo. You guys are a sweet couple!

  4. Congratulations, Amanda and Law! I love looking at all your pics again.


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