typhoon update

People get around central Linbian Township, Pingtung County, in boats yesterday after torrential rains brought by Typhoon Morakot. PHOTO: KUO CHING-HUI, TAIPEI TIMES As we watch the news this morning, we are learning of more and more damage and destruction the typhoon and the after rains of the typhoon have caused--mostly in the south.

The entire township of JiaShen in Kaohsiung County has been pummeled by mudslides and flooding.  Over 1000 people in this township are unreachable--no contact can be made to determine whether or not they are alright.

**UPDATED 1:00 PM Monday**  Some people from JiaShen have been located.  They are distraught because on one hand they are safe, on the other hand their homes are gone and family members and friends left behind. 

In addition, the TV news stations are reporting 20 dead and 30 missing throughout Taiwan.

Further, the train on the west coast couldn't go further south than ChiaYi because of all the flooding in the south.  And, here in Tainan, the city has currently stopped providing water.
**UPDATED 1:00 PM Monday** We've been told our water will be off until the 12th. 

Here are some scenes from the typhoon:

We are safe and dry.  Those we know and love are safe.  But, my heart is hurting for Taiwan right now.  I picture my friends in Meinong dealing with the flooding once again--they've had a rough go of it in the past few years.  My heart aches for the entire township that is missing and unreachable.  On our knees for Taiwan.  Lord have mercy.

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