snacks for the ghosts

Today is the start of Ghost Month, so this weekend when Law and I walked into Carrefour we saw lots of snacks on sale.  Piles and piles of snack food.  At first I was like "why?"  Then it dawned on me--offerings for the ghosts.

Foods for Worship on Sale

People are setting up tables like this with snacks and drinks and fruits in order to worship their ancestors.

bai bai table


  1. Wow, I remember reading about that in Peony in Love by Lisa See, but I assumed that was a thing of the past. I'm really enjoying this glimpse into a culture that I'm trying so hard to understand. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's interesting. Who ends up eating the food? In Peru we have something very simliar. They put tons of food on top of the graves of their family members and leave it for several hours. But when midnight comes, the family eats the food! I wonder about the logic... what is it like there??
    ~Sarah Beth
    "The Other Side"


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