china is exporting mandarin

I have a myriad of thoughts about this . . . some good, some bad.

HT: On the Eastward Journey


  1. Hi - I usually read in GoogleReader, but wanted to comment.
    My sister's kids attend a school district that (at some point in the academic career) must study both Mandarin Chinese and violin.

  2. Wow, that's interesting.

  3. Hello Amanda. Language learning is fascinating to me.
    Thanks for the comment over on my blog.

  4. Unlike many of the Chinese/Taiwanese parents here in CA, we haven't signed up (nor plan to) my kids for Chinese school. It's just priorities-- do we want family time or put them through 2-4 hours of classroom work on a Saturday?? We pick family time! However, sometimes though I wonder if we're doing them a disservice?

  5. So what are the pros and cons?
    If it is just a matter of "simplified Chinese v traditional Chinese", I don't really see it as an issue. It's really a personal choice, I think. Much like some people prefer American English to British English - for the obvious practical values over 'aesthetics'.


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