need help: keeping recipes handy

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I need a better method of storing my recipes.

My current method is to stick them on the side of the fridge, but they are slowly taking over and often get wet during the dish washing (not so good).

I know I could google it, but sometimes googling something becomes overwhelming to me as I start to search for the "just right" way for me and weed though all the useless stuff.

So . . . all that to say this. . . how do you store your recipes? Have any experienced homekeepers mastered this with a system that works for you? (Please note: I didn't say housewife for a reason--single women who've mastered this are more than welcome to help out here.)

Thanks in advance!


  1. I use I created my own private cookbook and entered all of my recipes there. Now I have them with me where ever I am, as long as I can get on the internet!

  2. Thanks for the idea. I'll check out that site.

    Do you ever print them out?  If you do . . . do you have a way to organize those print outs?


  3. I don't know if you have room for this, but I have a notebook for my recipes. I type them into my computer and print them out (yeah, as the designer I lay them out all pretty and add my own notes at the bottom, like a shopping list for quick reference). I stick them in plastic sheets and put them in the notebook, and separate categories with divider tabs. It's pretty handy and the plastic keeps the pages from getting dirty.

  4. Two good methods are putting the recipes in plastic sheets in spiral notebooks or laminating the recipe cards and having a recipe box.

  5. i use index cards and a card box with a set of alphabet divider tabs!

  6. I have an expanding file folder divided up into categories (i.e. Breakfast foods, breads, drinks, soups, salads, main dishes, desserts. etc). When I find a recipe I want to try I clip it/print it and put it in there. As I try them, I either 1) throw them away, or 2) file them in plastic sleeves in a notebook with the same categories. The plastic sleeves are great as they keep your recipes clean.

  7. I have all my very favorite ones taped on the inside door of my upper cabinets. Works great and stays clean....I like it anyways :-)

  8. I've been having recipe organization swirling around in my head. I have several different methods of organizing my recipes and I need to consolidate down and get it streamlined. Anyhow, here is an idea that a friend recently passed on to me:


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