abortion survivor

(not here comes the bride . . . but something absolutely worth sharing right now!!)

I remember reading Gianna Jessen's autobiography years ago. 

Watching her talk and share her heart is AMAZING! 

If you have not read or heard her story . . . this is worth your time.


  1. wow.wow.wow.
    it's worth it even if you HAVE read her story!!!

  2. I second that wow!! I am sharing this in my google reader and blogging about it! I want to share her story and hope that others will pass it on!

  3. So moving and inspiring. I'll be passing this along. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you so much for posting these links. I have never heard her story before. I'm glad I checked in here today (and I've been enjoying your wedding stories and photos!). I will have to see if the library has her book. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I watched these recently from someone elses blog- they are amazing. She has such courage and such faith. Tahnks for sharing it again.

  6. yall are very welcome!
    I remember how much her story impacted me as a young(er) lady . . . so when I saw the chance to watch her speak, I took it . . . then I knew I couldn't not pass it on.


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