first month as husband and wife

One Month . . . Yesterday marked our first month together as a married couple!

Lawrance went to a job interview while I was at work; we both left about the same time.  I beat him home because well my school is closer and, well, my lovely hubby stopped to pick me up some colorful gerber daises! 

What a great guy that new hubby of mine is!  They were totally unexpected! 

If there were only one thing true about my husband it is that he is VERY SWEET!! :) 

Happy one month, honey!  I look forward to each minute I get to spend with you as your wife.


  1. Say what??? I have been out of the loop I guess lol!! YOU GOT MARRIED!!! Ok, I guess I need to go read the stuff I've missed.

  2. Awwww. . sooooo sweet!!! I remember those days. Actually, surprises still happen 9 years into marriage as well. Happy 1 month!!


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