the processional

the site of the ceremony

Like I've mentioned before, we got married outside under a big tree.  It was a gorgeous tree that is over 100 years old.  All the pompom flowers you see hanging from the tree were made by Lawrance (well, I did a few to show him how, but then he did all the rest)--didn't he do a great job?

While Sam and Lawrance seated the grandparents and my mom, Fairest Lord Jesus was playing.
IMGP4174.jpg IMGP4186.JPG


And, here is a moment I am SO glad was caught on film!!  I love my mom!!!IMGP4199.JPG

Then Jerry--our dear friend and neighbor for many years, who also welcomed his home up to Lawrance while he was in Texas--opened the ceremony with prayer.2863619733_7bb9d794f7 

Then the boys--Lawrance and Sam--came in.  My brother served as Lawrance's best man.  He did such a great job.  I loved looking over at him several times during the ceremony, sweat pouring off his face, but always getting a smile from him.

Then our junior bridesmaids and my sister, serving as the matron of honor walked in.  The bridesmaids walked while "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling" was playing.

These precious girls are from my home church.  I used to take them to "little ladies lunch" after church when I was at home working on my master's degree.  They would sit with me during the service, and are some of the beautiful young woman I am blessed to call my "little friends."  God has graciously blessed me with "little friends" everywhere I go!  Now, they are young woman . . . it was a treasure to have them be a part of our wedding. 

Also my junior bridesmaids were a HUGE help!  They carried my train while we took photos.  They ran to get me some lip gloss in the middle of the reception.  Anything I needed they were happy and willing to help with.  One of my friends said that she wish she had had junior bridesmaids at her wedding because of just how wonderful a help they were to me. 

IMGP4210.jpg IMGP4215.JPG IMGP4220.JPG

next time . . . here comes the bride . . .


  1. I wanted a copy of the program, too!! Is that what you think is so funny? I was too busy before the wedding to grab one.

  2. What is on the foot of the girl in yellow? Did she break a foot? The idea of junior bridesmaids does sound fun. Thanks again for sharing more info.

  3. Samantha, the girl in yellow, broke her ankle about a month and a half before the wedding.
    She fell off of one of her family's horses. The first thing she asked her mom was "can I still be in the wedding?" :)
    She had just been given permission the week of the wedding to walk without crutches.

  4. You know, I have often thought that bridesmaids do not help the bride as they should- I have seen it a few times, because they are too busy thinking about what they look like. Junior ones sounds like a great idea. In fact, lots of things I am reading here seem like great ideas! Just 9 years too late :)


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