morning of wedding

Our wedding was at 6:30 pm in another town about 45 minutes away from my parents' home. 

Since we didn't have a rehearsal the night before, we did a walk though around noon with the family members in the wedding and then met for a lite lunch.  Then the girls left to go get hair and make up done. 

But . . . before I get ahead of myself . . .let's talk about the morning of. 

Pre-Wedding Worship and Thanksgiving TimeLawrance decided to include a tradition from Taiwanese weddings into our wedding day in America.  In Taiwan the bride and groom give a gift of appreciation to their parents.  Since we were not going to do this at the wedding, he decided to invite my parents over to our neighbors' home (where he was staying; they are more than neighbors since we've worshiped together for over ten years). 

Lawrance desired not only to thank my parents for how they raised me and for allowing him to become a part of the family, but he also desired to start off the day focused and centered on Christ.  He wanted to calm his own nerves by worshiping the Lord, reading Scripture, and spending time in prayer.  He wanted to remember the whole purpose of this day was to glorify God.

Pre-Wedding Worship and Thanksgiving TimeWe met at the neighbors' home at about 9:30 for a great southern breakfast and then a time of worship and prayer.  During this time, Lawrance presented my parents with a gift of appreciation.  And, I also presented the neighbor couple a gift of appreciation. 

Lawrance led this very special time . . . which left all the girls in tears. :)

It was a WONDERFUL way to start off one the most special days in our lives! 


  1. I cried reading this blog. So beautiful! What a blessing to have your husband lead you into marriage with Christ glorified and the center of it all! Thank you for sharing this!
    God Bless!

  2. How wonderful, Amanda!! I hope you will share more.

  3. Amanda, We did a thank you to our parents during our ceremony. It is still something both sets cherish to this day. Both sets of our parents taught us to keep Christ as the center and so that was our goal from the moment we were married forward. Now 9 years later, we are still keeping our eyes on the goal.
    And Stephen and I also had breakfast together the morning of our wedding. We didn't include our families as our wedding was at 11 am, so we met at Denny's at 6:00 am to spend some much needed time together and to calm our nerves. Still one of the best decisions made that day.
    Congratulations again. I'm enjoying your new memories and being brought back to mine.

  4. I'm sure there wasn't a dry eye in the room! What a sweet and special way to spend the morning of your wedding. I like Lawrance even more after hearing about this, ha. People always say that a wedding is the "bride's day" but you both truly made it a day to glorify God. Awesome!

  5. I have so much enjoyed catching up on your blog! What a beautiful wedding and thank you so much for sharing all the little details! I don't ever get tired of hearing about happy couples getting married and I'm still so excited for you!

    You were so beautiful!!


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