a shower

A few months ago . . the weekend before Lawrance came to America, there was a "Smith Family Bridal Shower" where all of my aunts and most of my cousins came to shower me with blessings.  It was the first time in two years that I had seen most of them!! 

My mom and sister did all the decorating . . . and they did a great job.  It was so colorful and fun . . . because, well, they used gerber daisies. 

See how cute? And yes they made those really cute daisy cookies!!
Beautiful Shower Layout Beautiful Shower Layout

We ate at a local Chinese food place that does the round table, everyone share thing.
Bridal Shower with Smith Ladies

Mom made me wear a silly veil for awhile while we played some shower games:
Silly Veil Mom Made

And, the girls blessed me with some cute stuff for our master bathroom, things to use in the kitchen, a great cozy blanket for two, and some beautiful lingerie too.
Bridal Shower with Smith Ladies Opening Gifts

One last photo . . . of me with mom, Sarah, and Grandmother.  I am blessed.  Oh, so blessed!! :)
Bridal Shower with Smith Ladies


  1. I love the shower decorations - so colorful and what beautiful detail, especially the cookies! It looks like you had a wonderful time. Hope married life is treating you and Lawrance well!

  2. Bridal showers with lady friends can be so fun and memorable! I feel like I really know your mom and sister, even though we've never met. They are so considerate to provide all these fun things for you.


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