when i was a child . . . .

. . . I dreamed of being a missionary to Africa and living in a hut. 

In the morning, I would work along side my neighbors doing the same manual labor they did and be a teacher too; in the afternoon, I would be a doctor; in the evenings, I would tell Bible stories beside the fire; and at night, when everyone else was sleeping I would spend time with Jesus, write books, and compose songs because I was also going to be a singer just like Sandi Patti.  Oh, and don't forget at the same time I was going to be a mother to about 12 children--most of them adopted.  [If you'd like to know more about my plans that I had detailed out, ask my mom she loves to tease me about them.]

It is amazing how God gives us the desires of our hearts!  Praise Him!! 

Oh, I know I don't live that EXACT life, yet I am living out my childhood dreams in a way only He could fashion.  He has allowed me to live in a foreign land and share the Good News with others!!  What a blessing!

It's interesting how in my humanity little inklings of desires still remain, and I still long for what others have.   I read about others living in "foreign lands" and think "oh, I wanna be a missionary!!"

I often don't feel like "a real missionary."  I am just an average girl doing what she has desired to do for most of her life.

I don't feel like I'm making sacrifices.  I have running water and electricity, I don't live in a hut, I don't have a dirt floor, and I don't have to eat bugs.  I don't feel like I live in an exotic place.  And, I forget I can speak a foreign language--most people I know speak at least three, if not more, languages.

Really, I don't think I am all that adventuresome either--I mean come on, I read about people who have to climb rope ladders to get into their homes and cross narrow suspension bridges to get to work--those are the real adventurers among us. 

When I stop to look at where I am in life--I stand amazed at what God has done.  I marvel at His goodness and His grace.  I have done nothing whatsoever to deserve what He has done and is doing in and through me. 

I am so blessed to be living here in Taiwan!!  I am in awe at how He, the Master Potter, has fashioned me, a simple jar of clay, for being here right at this time and in this place.  Oh praise His holy name!!!

I've always wondered about that verse in Proverbs 37: "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."  I've always wondered if it means that when you delighted in Him He gave you the desire (that the desires were from Him) OR if it meant that He would grant the desires of my heart.  Maybe it means both. 


  1. i love your beautiful childhood dreams. :)

  2. Hi Amanda!
    I've been following your blog recently, and I thinks it's wonderful that you're not afraid to put your faith out in the open for everyone to see. I just recently started a blog of my own, and at first I thought, "Should I make it a general 'Taiwan blog,' or make it more of a 'missionary Taiwan blog.'" I was concerned about getting people to read my blog and my writing, but then I realized how ridiculous it was for me to even consider not mentioning something as important as the fact that Jesus died for my sins and that He's the real reason why I'm in Taiwan. Whether people read my writing or not isn't important. It's what I say with my writing that counts. Thank you for showing me that!

  3. You weren't just wanting to be any doctor, but a pediatric neurosurgeon! AND you were planning to do ballet and write poetry in you spare time. Whenever you're ready to work on that medical degree, we have a bedroom available for you!! Love, Mom

  4. Amanda, you don't give yourself nearly enough credit! The reason I (and others, I'm sure) read your blog is *because* you lead an interesting life. I'm jealous, but in a good way!! While I could never be a missionary (it takes a special person to do that - my hat's off to you) I'd love to have half the adventures you do.
    Give yourself a pat on the back, sister. :)


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