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Proverbs31 from Bringing Good Home has tagged me in a meme and since this is a four-day weekend for us here in Taiwan, I have time to actually do it. :)

Even though it is a rather simple meme--list 8 random things about your kitchen and/or cooking--I still couldn't follow directions.  I listed 11.

my new kitchen
1. I love cooking with a wok and couldn't imagine kitchen life without one. 

2. I am very (VERY) excited about my new kitchen.  It actually has some counter space.  My former kitchen's counter space was only large enough to hold a small dish drying rack.

3. My dishes are black. All my glasses and most of my cooking utensils
are red.  I covered my previous kitchen cabinets with black contact
paper and painted my fridge black too. My red and black scheme don't quite work in my new white and blue kitchen.

4. I don't have a dishwasher.  And, I hate washing dishes.  Not a good combo.  I do, however, have a dish dryer--a built-in, over the sink, dish drying tray that will blow/heat my dishes dry.

5. I love my Chinese knives.  Chop! Chop! Chop!  They are wonderful.

6. I am swapping cooking lessons with my neighbor/friend.  She teaches me
to make Chinese food, and I am teaching her some American dishes.  This weekend, I was teaching her how to make french toast and fry bacon.  I told her I
would also show her how to make grilled cheese sandwiches, mashed
potatoes, and omelets.  Her response: "Oh!  Goody!  I just love knowing
how to cook exotic foods!"  Who knew that mashed potatoes and grilled
cheese sandwiches were exotic! :)

7.The burners on my two-burner stove are shaped to hold a wok.  So, when I do use a skillet, it has a hard time staying balanced on the burner. 

8. The flame that comes out of my gas stove is HUGE.  I love it.

9. My oven sits on top of my fridge.  Ovens are not common here, so my little oven which holds one pan at a time is a luxury item.  I once baked 156 mini-cupcakes 12 at a time in my beloved little oven.

10. I can cook with chopsticks (which is totally not impressive if you live in Asia).

11. Another main difference between American kitchens and Taiwanese
kitchens is the height of the counters.  They are much (MUCH) lower
here (it makes sense that shorter people need lower counters).  I find
myself leaning over a lot in the kitchen--especially when washing
dishes.  So, if I have quite a few things to wash, I bring in a stool
and sit down to wash them.

I am not tagging anyone specifically, but I'd love to hear about other people's "international kitchens"--either Americans living abroad or non-American kitchens.  But those with American kitchens in America are still welcome too. :)

If you do play along, leave your link, and I'll add it to this post.


  1. This was really interesting, Amanda! I'll have to do this, too. I'll let you know the link when I get around to it. :-)
    So if ovens aren't common, what do they use for baking in Asia?

  2. This was fun to read:)
    Red goes with the blue and white though:) You could make it like an Americana country kitchen;) (maybe not your thing;))
    I had to lol about the exoctic food;) who knew?

  3. Oh, that was so fun! I'm so glad you answered. :) I, too, think it's funny to hear grilled cheese called exotic. And I would never have thought about the burners on the stove.
    Hope you had a great four-day weekend!! Have a fantastic day!

  4. I love this one Amanda!!! :) I will do this one too! Give me a day or two and I'll let you know when I have it up! :) This is such a fun one! :)
    Maia ><>

  5. Loved #6 and the shorter counters. The island in the house I grew up in was really low and I *loved* it. But then, I've always been short.
    (I really don't get it-- Supposedly 5'4" is the "average" hight of a woman in the states, but why is everybody taller than me? Is everyone In AK taller than average?)
    What average hight in T?

  6. In England, the kitchens are small - but oddly enough, I am now in a small flat but have a larger kitchen than when I was in a three bedroom house. Kitchens and bathrooms here, especially in a Tynside flat (terraced house split in two) like I live in, are usually additions tacked on to the back of row housing. I miss the comparatively luxurious spaces North American homes have!

  7. Amanda ~ I enjoyed reading this interesting meme! I'm sure your red/black dishes and items are striking, but maybe you can make them work in your blue kitchen. I don't remember the color of your old kitchen, but having all the extra space will make up for any color clashes! :) I may do this meme, too. Thanks!

  8. @ Ashley: They don't bake. If they do, the cakes and breads are all steamed. We do have bakeries here--but bread is just not that common here.
    @Lizzie: I've thought about doing Americana--but it just doesn't go with the rest of my home. I'm still thinking about it though.
    @Amy Jane: Average Taiwanese height for females is about 5'2". I'm 5'8"--so I am head and shoulders taller than most Taiwanese women.
    Thanks for all the great comments . . . I had no idea my kitchen could be so interesting! :)

  9. Amanda, Interesting meme. I enjoyed hearing about your kitchen. My husband grew up in Asia (he's an MK)and cooks with chopsticks frequently. I was so impressed when we first met.
    As for the red and black dishes, could you be a closet fan of the University of Georgia? Go Dawgs!

  10. i love your little kitchen!!
    and i'm pretty sure i know what you mean about your last kitchen and size and supply or lack of 'standard' appliances (from when i was in south korea)--so different!
    a dish dryer? wow, that's something i hadn't heard of!

  11. I love #8.. I always want to have a gas stove will big fire.....

  12. Hi Amanda ~ I just did this meme as a Thursday Thirteen post. It should come thru as a trackback. Thanks for the idea!


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