happy adoption day, gilby!!

Gilby, my sweet, little puppy-boy, came to live with me two years ago on September 23, 2005.

So in honor of his adoption day, here are 14 random facts about Gilby:

1. He was a teeny-tiny thing when I got him.  He could literally fit in the palm of my hand

2. He went nameless for four days. 

3. His name was chosen by an internet poll.  Other names in the poll included: Kody, Timmy, Theo, Quincy, Bailey, Howie, Frankie, Jake, and Buddy.

4. I have 3 sets and at least 515 pictures of gilby on flickr.

5. He sleeps with me.

6. He really enjoys playing fetch, and he will initiate the game himself.

7. He also knows how to lie down, stand up and walk (on hind legs), give five, "ask for it," "drop it," and go into his crate on command.

8. He loves to get into bags and boxes whenever possible.

9. I sometimes call him Mr. Gibs. 

10. My Taiwanese friends who don't speak English call him "Q 比" (which is pronounced Q-B").

11. He loves fruit--especially apple, mango and pineapple.

12. He loves to meet new friends and hates to see them go.  Friendliness to strangers is one reason why I choose the Maltese breed.  But, his friendliness scares some of my students who are not used to being around dogs.

13. My mom has sent her grandpup doggie treats all the way from the US.

14. He sometimes wears clothes--mostly in the winter when he is cold (we don't have heat here)--and he loves it!

I can't believe I've had Gilby for two full years.  My how time flies!!

I love you Mr. Gibs!!  Thanks for being my sweet puppy-boy!




  1. He looks like one of Jim Henson's muppets. He looks so snuggly and lovable.
    Yes...my weekend was atrociously gross.
    What part of Texas are you from? Or am I mistaken....aren't you from Texas?
    Blessings and a hug from across the ocean...

  2. Aww I loved this! I wish I could bring over my puppy to play with Gilby. :-)

  3. Happy Adoption Day, Gilby and Amanda! I have two silly tabbies, Peter and Matilda, and I wouldn't be without them.


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