my chinese name

Lee Le-En

I've written about my Chinese name before, but I found this painting of my name as I was packing up my old apartment.

My Chinese name is "" (Lee Le-En) and means "joyous grace."  Le-En is pronounced like "Luh Un."

Ten years ago a student gave me this name because she said it described me; she said I smiled and laughed a lot and that she knew I loved Jesus. 

Many Americans get Chinese names that sound like their English name, but mine obviously does not.  It sounds Chinese not western, and I like that.

Also, when people hear my Chinese name, they immediately know I am a Christian, and I like that too.

Can you see how the artist changed parts of each character in my name into an animal?  The family name, the top character, has a bird in it.  The first character of the given name, the middle character, has butterflies on the top and an ancient Chinese coin in the middle.  The last character has a dragon and then little hearts make up part of the radical for "heart" in the word grace.

I've had this painting since 1998.  It is matted, but I've never framed it.  Maybe part of the reason is that it is too colorful for my personal decorating tastes.  However, I do like it . . . maybe I will change the mat from red to black and actually frame and hang it in my new home.


  1. Oh wow, that is so beautiful! What a sweet blessing. That's just gorgeous. I covet!
    Isn't it neat when people see Jesus in us? I think I told you this before, but in repsonse to your other post, my daughter wants to be a missionary. I want to go to Turkey to work, but my husband isn't game. Oh well. I go where God takes us.
    Many blessings to you sister.

  2. I loved reading about your Chinese name, and I love the painting!

  3. This is really pretty and colorful. If you don't decorate with tons of color, I can see why it would be too much for you. But I agree - a black mat and frame would tone it down considerably. Hang it proudly.

  4. that is beautiful and so is the meaning of your chinese name! what a privilege!

  5. That is a beautiful picture. I think it would look fantastic in a black mat, and then it could go almost anywhere!
    "Joyous Grace" is beautiful too! :D It does suit you.

  6. ok, yall have convinced me. I will do it.
    I will frame it in black and hang it up somewhere in my new home. That is whenever I finally get around to unpacking it. :)
    And, to help hold me accountable, I hereby promise to post here about it when I've done it. :D

  7. that's my Chinese last name too! =)


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