come away

Awhile back, Blair's post on letting God do the talking reminded me of one of my favorite songs growing up.

It was a 1980's song, probably by the Maranatha! Singers (but not sure) called "Come Away."

The chorus was the most powerful part to me:

Can you hear the Spirit calling "come away?
Come and spend some time with Me, come away.
Let your heart and mind be stilled,
Let your empty cup be filled.
Come and spend some time with Me, come away."

This simple song gave "having a quite time" new meaning.  It transformed it from a spiritual disciple filled with things I should do and check off simply because they are spiritual disciplines into a time of relationship building with the Most High God.

Can you hear the Spirit calling  . . . . "come away?"

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  1. i like this song a lot too, what a wonderful reminder to draw close to God.


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