the states

Can you tell I'm a southern gal?


States I've been to are in red.  You can make your own map here.

[HT: Sandy's Neipu Notebook]


  1. I can't believe you grew up in TX and never went to the neighboring state of New Mexico. You'll need to go to Arizona someday!! or my home state of Missouri! You are definitely SOUTHern! ;)

  2. well . . . you gotta remember that Texas is 15 times larger than Taiwan!! And, it would take us a day or two to drive from Austin to the NM border. :)
    My dad and brother have an annual fishing trip in NM each fall, but I've never been. My dad loves it though.

  3. oh, yeah, and 6 whole years of "growing up" we lived in Arkansas. quite a bit aways from NM.


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