the "wei ya"

Weiya_foods Some of the tables at the WeiYa

Every year before the Chinese New Year Break, companies hold a "weiya" banquet for their employees.  There is a several course meal (we had at least 10 dishes) and nice door prizes (everything from cash to a washing machine) handed out raffle style. 

Oh, and all banquets in Taiwan (every one I have been to and seen, including wedding banquets) have people sitting on (red) plastic stools in groups of ten at round tables covered in pink table cloths--usually outside.  There were probably 20+ tables at our weiya, so that means around 200 people participated.  A benefit of sitting 10 to a table is that foods can come in groups of ten--ten stuffed mushrooms, ten little lobster trays.

To see more pictures from this year's weiya at my school, go to my flickr account.


  1. Ohhh...I love to hear about other cultures! It's so fascinating!

  2. Wow, the photos makes me so so so..... hungry.
    My husband and I might come back to Taiwan in April or May.
    My family will host a wedding banquet on the street for us. You are invited!
    I am so excited! :D

  3. Claire: OK!! :)
    I bet you are excited! That is great. How long has it been since you were in Taiwan? I can't remember if you said if your husband was Candadian or if he was CBC . . . so either (a) has he ever been to Taiwan before or (b) when was he last in Taiwan (which ever one is appropriate)? :)
    And, I can't go to your bookofclaire--is it a private blog?
    thanks for often stopping by!!


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