patiently longing

I never know when it will strike or why it strikes.  But, it has been striking more and more frequently recently. 

"What is that?" you might ask. 

Well, it is kind of indescribable.  I guess it is best called a longing.  Something inside of me longs to know that which I have never known before--to know and be known by a man, to have a husband.

I think what sparked it this time was contact with old friends.  Two friends from my chuch youth group (10-15 years ago--oh my) who got married this past fall/winter recently sent me pictures from their weddings. 

Screen00011_4 Img_0523_2 

I am happy for them. 

Yet, at the same time, a little piece of me asks, "when will it be my turn?"  However, even though there is that deep longing that comes at will it never leaves me hopeless, it always leaves me hopeful.  Knowing that there will be nothing to regret by waiting for God and His infallible timing.


  1. I completely understand. I really, really thought I would never marry. (I just married this past fall too).
    I know you've heard it all...but God knows the desires of your heart. He also has a perfect plan for you. :p
    I've read enough of your blog to know you are trusting him and his timing. That is wise. Keep on trusting him. :D

  2. Actually, you know, I enjoy reading your blog and hearing your excitement for your new marriage. It is so encouraging. :)

  3. Ah yes, I remember that same longing. God answered when I least expected Him to :)
    I can see that you are waiting on the Lord, very wise! There is no sense in settling on anything less than God's best for you. I'm praying for a couple of friends who share your "longing" - I'll add you to that list of "Brides-to-be".
    God does know the desires of your heart and I'm excited to hear about the day you meet the man He's preparing for you.

  4. It's coming, don't worry.

  5. Read Acts 2:38, Romans 16:16, and 1Peter 3:21. Get even closer to God.


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