sometimes gilby thinks he's a cat

I think sometimes Gilby thinks he's a cat

Since you haven't seen much of him recently, here's a picture of gilby, our silly, silly dog who sometimes sits on the top of the sofa.

Oh, and just for the record, I think Lawrance might love Mr. Gibs more than I do. :)

I also just found this silly photo of him sitting on the same spot on the same sofa . . . He's dressed for one of the Christmas parties we had at our house last year.  He's proudly sporting a Christmas shirt from Auntie Sarah and an elf costume from Nonny (his maternal grandmother). 

 Gilby, the Elf

Ok, so maybe I'm the silly one. :)


  1. so cute! What type of dog is he? Thanks so much for getting back to me SO quickly. : ) The picture is perfect... THANKS!!

  2. He is a Maltese.
    They are WAY cheaper here than in the States. ;)
    you are welcome!! I know that if I don't reply right away it will be a LONG
    time before I do. :)

  3. He's too cute and funny! Maybe Gilby wants to be a cat? haha...
    My cousin has a Maltese too. They're such delicate dogs that I'd be afraid to have one, but I heard they're great in that they don't shed and are hypo-allergenic, so maybe my husband and I could get a Maltese one day. =)

  4. Right. . . . no shedding and are good for people with allergies! And, they
    are REALLY super friendly--LOVE strangers but are whole-heartedly dedicated
    to their masters.
    I guess if you are used to HUGE dogs, Maltese might seem delicate. But,
    really they aren't the smallest dogs out there and are quite sturdy as far
    as "small" dogs go. Oh, there are some "teacup" maltese who have been
    genetically altered (given a shot to stunt growth) to stay teeny tiny. But,
    if allowed to grow to their God-given size, they are just small enough and
    light enough to be carried, but JUST. With a pound more, they'd be too big
    to carry.
    But, in the states, they aren't cheap. I don't think I'd be able to pay for
    one in the States. Rescue one? ok. But, pay that much for a dog . . .even
    though I love gilby . . . I don't think I could.


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