apartment tour: from the front door

My mom and sister have both been asking for photos of our apartment.  So, I took a few.  And thought I'd share them this week.

Standing from the front door here is what you can see . . .

Looking right:
From the Front Door Looking Right

Looking a little less right:
Our Living Room

Looking straight ahead:
From the front door looking straight ahead

Looking kinda left:
Dinning Area + Doll Collection

And, looking very left:
Standing at our front door looking right

Coming up next . . . our kitchen.

And, here is what our apartment looks like empty; taken two years ago before moving in.


  1. Isn't it funny how our families want to see pictures of all the little mundane details of are lives? Mine is the same way! It helps make us all feel a little closer I guess, and not an ocean away. Your apartment is so darling! What a perfect little newlywed love nest (that's right, I said love nest). =)

  2. Hey!
    Love the monkeys in the bathroom! : ) You did an awesome job decorating.

  3. I love the monkeys too . . . later this week I'll show them off a little
    more. :)

  4. I really enjoyed looking at all of these photos. They were lovely! It all looks so neat, and clean, and streamlined! You have a lovely home! :D


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