apartment tour: our master bedroom

We've not hung anything on our bedroom walls yet . . . it is on my to do list . . . maybe this summer.

The doorway to our bedroom is kinda unique.  It opens right up into the bathroom and to the left is the bedroom.
Doorway to bedroom with bathroom visible

My bedroom used to be light tan and blue.  In order to keep most of the decorations that I have (lamps, wall hangings, flowers) but make it a bit more masculine, we decided to juts change the bed linens.  When I was back in the States, I fall in love with this duvet cover that added a dark brown.  So, my best friend gave us the duvet cover as a wedding gift.
Our Bedroom

Our closets.  Unlike in America, they are not built in.  Here is a little confession . . . I take up two and a hallf, Lawrance only takes up half of one . . . poor guy.  However, he does get twice as much dresser drawer space--so maybe it's fair after all. Nah . . . it's probably not! :)
Our "Closets"

Here is totally boring photo . . . but this is what you can see from the bed.  It is our dresser and make up table.  Along with our laundry baskets.  I'm not sure where I got the idea from, but we sort our dirty laundry as we throw them into the right hamper--lights, darks, and towels/sheets.  (I don't like the baskets out in the open, but it is practical and there is no where else for them to go.)
From the bed looking at the dresser

And, that's it for our very simple master bedroom. :)  Tomorrow, I'll show you our tiny tropical master bathroom that I just LOVE! :)


  1. How funny! We have the exact same duvet cover!! At least it LOOKS the same. Is it Nautica? I think that's what mine is.... We got ours as a wedding gift too. I also chose it because it looked a bit more masculine than what I had before Rich.
    Anyway, very good taste!! :)

  2. Yes, I think it is Nautica! That is funny!! :) It's a small world . . .
    although that idiom doesn't quite apply in this situation.


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