apartment tour: our living room

In my opinion, our living room is comfy.  We've not finished decorating it yet.  We have a few more pillows to add.  And, the things along the wall with the TV aren't permanent.

Our Living Room

We are blessed by having a huge window in our living room.  And, it has a "window seat"/ledge.  Of course it is too scary to actually sit on since we live on the 7th floor and it is ALL WINDOW. :)  So, we keep wedding photos on it.
Our "Window Seat"

 If you were to sit on it and look out across our home, this is what you'd see.
Taken from the Window Seat

We keep two baskets by the front door.  One for guest slippers and one for Gilby's toys (which he has too many of and needs to declutter).
Baskets by the front door

In between the living room and dinning area is a "little hallway" to the bedroom.  Next to the front door in this little hallway is our shoe cabinet.  And. here it is open and closed.
Shoe Cabinet--Open :) Standing at Mater Bedroom Door

Here is a close up of the things hanging on the walls in our living room in addition to our new wall hanging that is. 
As for me and my house Happy are those who find wisdom Chinese Musical Instruments

And that's all for now.  We have a guest bedroom, a study, and a hall bathroom too, but they are still in need of a bit of "spring cleaning" that will hopefully take place this summer.  So, that would make it summer cleaning, but that just sounds so totally wrong!  Anywho, thanks for coming along this week and touring our home from afar!  :D


  1. Hi- fun pictures of your place. I am not sure how you got Gilby to pose, but he adds a lot to your pics. You do so much with a relatively small space. Also, I really like your kitchen.
    Long time no see IRL! Let's get together soon - we are free in July and Aug.

  2. No posing required. He just follows me around. :) He is my shadow!!
    Ok, we are free too. Well, Law has work, but we have nothing on the
    calendar yet.

  3. Thanks for "inviting" us into your home. Your home is so clean and beautiful =)


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