apartment tour: our master bathroom

Like I mentioned yesterday, I totally love our tiny tropical master bathroom.

All our monkey stuff came from my bridal shower in the States--from my aunts.  

When one of my aunts asked me about the back story of the monkeys my simple answer was "I took my kid brother to help me register. :)

I later double checked with Law about the monkeys and he LOVED them too.  

So . . . as a result, this room saw the largest transformation due to marriage. :)
Our Tiny Tropical Bathroom :)

It truly is tiny. :) (The photo's kinda blurry. oops.)
Our Tiny Tropical Bathroom :)

Some of the really cute monkey stuff. :)
Our Tiny Tropical Bathroom :) Our Tiny Tropical Bathroom :)

When I visited Japan, every home I stayed in had a calendar hanging across from the toilet.    I have NO clue if it was just coincidence or if it is an actual Japanese cultural thing.

However, I kinda liked the idea. So, every time you hear nature's call you can review your monthly appointments. :)
Our Tiny Tropical Bathroom :)

Can you see why I love it?  Isn't it SO cute?? :) 

Tomorrow, the last day of our apartment tour, I'll show you around our living room.


  1. I love it! Very cute and fun.

  2. It's fabulous! Bathrooms should be fun. I've been enjoying this look at your lovely home. It looks like you and your hubby are settling in so nicely together. :)

  3. Thanks! It is nice to have someone to settle in with. :)

  4. wha! nice apartment. O! I miss Taiwan!


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