taiwanese toy store finds

Awhile back Lawrance and I had fun looking around in a toy store.  We've actually done this a couple of times since--I guess we are just kids at heart.

Here are some of the cute things we found on the shelves. I love that one"kitchen set" includes the hot water heater thing most homes here have and that the other one is a rice cooker with chopsticks and sushi.

Toy Water Heater and Tea Set

Toy Rice Cooker

I can't wait to have someone to buy these cute kitchen toys to play with.

Then of course what little kid wouldn't want to zip around on his or her own little moped?
Toy Moped


  1. Very cool. Can you tell me about how much $US those prices would be? Whenever we get a referral and travel to pick up our little one, I would love to pick up a few toys for our two kids at home...probably not the moped, though. Can't imagine trying to get that thing home on the plane ;)
    Hope you are doing well!

  2. Sure!
    The exchange rate is currently at about 1 USD to 34 NT. So, 449 NT is about
    13 USD.
    Nice to hear from you.

  3. That's so much fun! I think it's so neat to see that the culture of the country can be found in toys. If we want "sushi" in our kitchen sets, we have to purchase them from the "multicultural" toys.


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