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Taiwanese Invitations

Tuesday night we folded, stuffed, and addressed all the Taiwanese wedding invitations.  We are still missing a few addresses . . . but this is one major "to do" that we got done. :)  YAY!!!

Outside of InvitationInside of InvitationOur invitations to the Taiwanese ceremony and banquet are traditional Taiwanese in style . . . and yes, they are red with gold lettering.  Lawrance's parents picked them out.

The inside wording follows the traditional form and announces that an oldest son will be marrying an oldest daughter.  And, we chose to go with Chinese only for these invites.

Oh, yeah, and, like most Taiwanese wedding invitations, they are scented too. 

In Taiwan, wedding invitations are known as "red bombs" because receiving one means you must now "pay money" (wedding gifts are not given, but red envelopes with cash inside are given ).  I think it is kinda sad that, like children, wedding celebrations are considered a burden and not a blessing.  Don't get me wrong, Taiwanese people love weddings . . . but to have the first gut reaction to be "oh no, a red bomb" . . . well, that's just sad.

Anywho, I guess this week are bombing close friends and family in Taiwan.


  1. Those are beautiful!
    I've issed a blogging challenge that I'd love to have you participate in:

  2. Wow! They really are beautiful!

  3. OK - as a bride who is a week away from her wedding, I actually got a good laugh out of the idea I am "bombing" guests with my invitation. :)

  4. We got our "red bomb" in the mail when we got home Thursday! Thank you! ;) Hey, I didn't know it's scented. I need to go check that out again! ha

  5. Glad you got it. :)
    The scent was very obvious when they were all together . . . not sure how
    much the scent stayed after it traveled in the mail to another city.

  6. They are GORGEOUS, Amanda. Wow! I've never seen a Taiwanese wedding invitation. They are breathtaking. I think the "red bomb" story is very amusing. Hoping your friends and family do not react in the traditional Taiwanese manner.

  7. Thanks, Rose!
    These are actually very plain by Taiwanese standards, but like you said I
    think they are beautiful . . . and I love that they are red and gold. :)
    And, I hope so too!! :)


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