a great surprise

I found these in my desk chair on Friday . . .

purple v-day flowers!!

I was so totally surprised that I actually cried. 

purple v-day flowers!!He choose purple flowers because our Taiwanese marriage covenant ceremony is using the color purple.  And, he knows I don't care for roses. :)


And, he left them in the perfect place too.  There could have been no better place where he could have left them for me to discover. :)

Thank you, Honey!!! :)


  1. Amanda ~ your flowers are soo beautiful! I love the purples...which is why I got purple flowers this year, too!

  2. Gorgeous! Somebody special loves you. :)

  3. Again . . .YAY!!!
    I was SO surprised. I wasn't expecting anything . . . especially on FRIDAY.

  4. Sooo romantic. Wish my hubby was like that, but flowers are not something he's sent in a LONG time. Enjoy this special time together. . it only gets better.


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