blast from the past: V-day circa 1983

V-Day Circa 1983

My sister emailed this photo today . . . my best guess is probably 1983 at our paternal grandparents house giving our NeeNee some V-day candy.

Clues to it being my grandparent's home . . .

  1. white door

  2. Millionaires and Turtles are my NeeNee's fave candy

  3. My hair is straighter and in ringlets, a way she liked to style it.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


  1. Well, I tried to enlarge the photo to see if I could make out a name on all the Valentine's hanging on the refrigerator (or door, can't figure that one out), but I can't. That's okay, this photo is adorable. And the fact that your mom was able to make your hair that straight in the 80s is AMAZING. Hehehehe. . coming from another super curly haired girl - who now wears it straight. :)

  2. Ha . . . I actually tried to do that too (zoom in to read the names) . .
    .that's too funny!
    My hair had curls when I was little, but it got WAY curlier with puberty.
    Plus, my mom thought that the curls looked unkempt, so they tried to "train"
    my hair to be straighter. Now, she says she wish she would've just let it
    go curly.


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