about following an unknown path

~like because of bamboo, but maybe too straight2

In a Nutshell
an unknown path is a weblog about life in taiwan, life as a newlywed, life as language
instructor, life as a missionary, and life as a lover of Christ (not
necessarily in that order).

A Bit More

I started this blog in 2005, but had been keeping a website since 1999. The internet has been my connection to my family and friends back in the States. I am very thankful for the quick access to communication it gives me. Anywho, I started this blog as a result of playing with flickr, 43things, and some virtual bookshelf program. The blog and flickr stuck, the other two did not.

I've enjoyed blogging for the past three years. I've made some great bloggy friends--some I've even gotten to meet in person. I like it allows me to express God is doing here in Taiwan, in my life, and puts me in touch with other likeminded people.

I've also had some encounters with being bothered by trolls (ie. people who don't like that I blog about being a missionary in Taiwan), so I've cut way back on blogging about some of the missionary stuff. I'd like for that to change.

Also, for the past few years my blog was really focused on my struggles as a single woman, now that I'm married things are changing.
So, for now, my blog is a bit in limbo as I try to once again find my voice and focus as a blogger.
Thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to comment and consider subscribing to the feed.

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