simply taiwan--a new series

Something new for following an unknown path is about to start . . .and I need your help.

Recently, I've been uploading my older photos onto my flickr account.  Photos I took before I had a blog, and so have gone largely unseen by others besides myself.  Also, life here is getting a little more busy--it always is a little more hectic at the end of the semester than at the beginning.  In other words I have no time to compose thoughtful, relevant posts.

So, I'm going to try something new.  For the next 46 days at least (that is till I get to go home, Lord willing), I'm going to be doing a series of simple posts featuring photos I've taken while living in Taiwan for the past five years.  (I may or may not post other kinds of posts during this time . . . I've yet to decide.)

But, I'd like your help.  What are some things you'd like to see photos of?  So, you wanna see food? bathrooms? public phones? mail boxes? people? temples? flowers? landscapes? You name it or ask about it, and I'll search my photo archives, and if I don't have a photo of it already--I'll see if I can take one just for you. :)  Be as specific or as general as you'd like.

The other thing I'd like to do is answer questions you might have about life here in Taiwan.  Awhile back, Deborah, from Cup of Joy, interviewed me for her March missions month, and I really enjoyed answering her questions.  It allowed me to talk about things that are close to my heart but that I don't think about mentioning anymore because they seem so common place now.  So . . . what would you like to know about life in Taiwan?  Ask away, and I'll try to answer.


  1. I'd love to see some pictures of temples in Taiwan. Can you post about common religious practices?

  2. Hi Amanda,
    What a great idea! We have so many questions. . .I'll probably post a couple of comments as the questions come to mind. First off, though, what is considered offensive to Taiwanese people? Is there anything we should avoid doing or saying when we travel there? I know that sounds like an odd question. . .but we don't want to offend anyone and the travel books really don't say much about it.

  3. Hey Amanda, I like this idea. How about pictures of scenery, fireworks, and people. My question is: What things do you think you'll miss most about Taiwan when you go back home this summer?
    Love your site!

  4. Amanda - hope your knee is better. The fotos I have found interesting in the past have to do with how many people are in the cities, and the types of things that are so different from here in the US - i.e. the moped parking -yikes, the shoes of your students outside the class rooms. I love your flower and food fotos also. Especially the information about what the foods are and what you think of them.

  5. I'm interested in everyday things. The grocery. Public bathrooms. Public transportation. Trip to the pharmacy. What's on TV. What people do for fun.

  6. Hi, Does Taiwan have good sewer system? Any bad smell in the air? I heard they burn a lot of "gods' currency [papers]" almost everyday here & there, how bad is the air pollution there?

  7. You know, I was planning on doing something very similar to this - but of course about Finland!
    So with this series you're tempting me to quit my quitting the blogging :D It'll be fun to see (more) things about Taiwan :)

  8. Oh, and I'm SO happy for you that you get to go "home" to your family :)

  9. Thanks for all the ideas!
    I would still be welcome to take more ideas and suggestions.


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