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Men waiting at Dream Mall

Some things--like men waiting at a shopping mall or women giving "the look"--seem to be universal and transcend culture.

I saw this scene when I was riding an escalator at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung City.  I thought it was so funny because these guys were doing the exact same thing their counterparts around the world do at malls--wait on their women. :)

Dream mall2 by yuankuei on flickr

Dream Mall (夢時代) is one of the largest malls in Asia--and opened about a year ago.  It is HUGE!!  And, there is even a Hello Kitty ferris wheel on top of the mall.  Including the "roof" (where the ferris wheel is) and the two basement levels, this mall has 12 floors in all!

Malls--as we know them in America--are not common here in Taiwan.  Instead there are "department stores."  So, Dream Mall is actually very special.

dream mall Dream mall at night by Michael Mozzarella on flickr

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  1. That mall is really something!!! Even though I'm not much of a mall goer, I'd love to check this one out! I guess I've always thought that foreign countries don't rank up there with America as far as technology or the "better life." But, my goodness, I guess I've been thinking wrongly if y'all have shopping areas like this.
    By the way, I hope you enjoy your time away with your family!


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