a day for birth

Right now my sister is giving birth to her first son!  I am sad that I can't be there but I am SO thankful for modern technology that allows me to keep up to date on things as they are happening.

I'm on my way to bed . . . but I am guessing (hoping) that when I wake up, my nephew baby Nate will have entered the world.

Sarah, I am SO excited for you and Chad!!  YAY!!! :)

Picture to left is of Sarah at 35 weeks--taken earlier this week!  Nathan is coming a month early . . . and was already measuring 8lbs 8oz's and 20.6 inches by the sonogram tech.

And, because I asked her too . . . my sister has started blogging!!!  I am so excited to be able to keep up with her and her growing family this way!  Thanks Sarah!!!

Ok . . . I hear my pillow calling my name. 


  1. Congratulations Amanda!! I am so excited for you and your family! Can't wait for further updates! ;)

  2. Looking forward to hearing all the news and seeing pictures! I'm wondering that if the baby hadn't been early if you would have been back home by the time he was born? I can't remember your dates for going home to TX. Anyway, it's God's timing. I know you'll have an especially wonderful time now when you visit the U.S.


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