men at work (simply taiwan 6)

men at work

No time to comment tonight, so I will simply give you a photo of one of my all time favorite signs in Taiwan!!  I love that the construction worker is wearing a pointy hat! :)

And, these guys below who are cleaning the street . . . I just love that their pointy hats are covered in bight-can't-be-missed reflective material!    Classic!

cleaning the street  cleaning the street


  1. I have never seen those brightly colored cone hats! Hilarious - but practical!! I am enjoying your series on simply TW. Keep them coming.

  2. love the pointy hats!! and the dream mall... didn't we go there when we were there with dbu? i'd have to get out my pictures, but i know i went to something like that on top of a building!

  3. I love all these posts!!! Thanks so much!!!

  4. I wish they made signs like that in Finland! And the "uniforms"... thanks for a cheer up - and a chuckle :)

  5. thanks for all the compliments/comments/thank yous. I'm glad yall are enjoying my little posts about Taiwan.
    It has been good for me to focus on Taiwan when really all I wanna think about is going home. :)
    I actually took that photo in Meinong.
    We did go to the top of a department store in downtown Kaohsiung . . . and ride something like a pirate's ship and some other kind "rides." Insteringly enough, I've never been taken back to that rooftop since I've moved here; although, I have been inside that department store again. I think the rooftop rides are quite run down now.
    Dream mall is brand new and on the out skirts of downtown. It puts that department store to shame in a big way! :)

  6. Hee! Love the hats and the sign, too.


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