public toliets (simply taiwan 1)

a fancy squatty potty

This is the nicest "squatty potty" I've ever seen.  It has a fish tank at eye level once you are squatting!  Yes, there were live fish swimming around inside!!

Some homes have squatty potties, but mostly homes are equipped with western style toilets.  However, when out in public you are most likely to encounter squatty potties--like the ones below.   The one from the left is from McDonald's and the one of the right is most likely from a train station.

To flush a squatty potty you will either step on something--like the photo above and the photo below to the right.  Or, there is something to pull that will be hanging from the tank somewhere on the wall above the squatty potty.

Oh, yeah, and most places would prefer you put your toilet paper in the trash can rather than flush it.  And, just in case you are wondering, there is a front and a back--the "hooded" part is the front.

Now, you might be able to find a western style toilet out in public . . . but, beware, people will stand to squat on these too.  So, just be careful before you choose to sit.

Squatty Potties in Taiwan

Thanks for the input/comment on the last post . . . it is quite helpful.  And, I still welcome more suggestions, questions, or ideas. :)


  1. wow! squatty potties! I bet Taiwanese women have some pretty strong legs!

  2. I am a friend of Lindsey's and got here from their blog. Wow on the toilets! I am so glad we have toilets here in the US. So thankful!

  3. Great squatty potty photos! I showed them to my kids; it's always interesting to see cultural differences around the world.

  4. I did wonder! But the fish tank gave me a hint of that - maybe that's why they placed it there? To show the dummy westerns how to go potty there! *grin*


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