Today I turn 30. 

How am I celebrating you ask . . . I'm not.  I have 8 hours of classes spread out from 8am to 9pm, so I will be at school all day.  Fun, right?

Last night, Gilby's leash got run over by a moped, which means he was pulled/dragged for a little while.  He is ok.  A little bruised and I assume sore, but ok.  He moves slower than usual and clings to me.  I don't want to leave him alone all day today, but I have to.

Maybe later I'll come back and add to this post to make it a little less depressing, but for now . . . well, it's how I feel.


  1. I hope your day improves! I'm sure Gilby will bounce back quickly- he's a tough little guy!!!
    Have a great birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday. I turned 29 last weekend.

  3. Hope that you're feeling much better soon, Gilby! --Sarah and Sedona the babydog

  4. What am I thinking? Happy birthday, too!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! I pray this day gets better for you! :)

  6. Happy Birthday. I feel bad for you because it's your birthday and you still have to work so hard. I remembere my birthday two years ago, I also had 8 hours of classes, spreading from 8 am to 9 pm, too. On the top of that, I was terribly sick so I was teaching and coughing at the same time. But no matter what, I still want to wish you have a very happy, happy birthday and God will renew your strength and your heart as we rest in His arms and enjoy the fellowship time with Him alone. I bet Jesus is the best birthday present for you today. God bless!

  7. Happy Birthday, Amanda!
    I remember my 30th birthday! I'm always so excited about birthdays, but not about the new number.
    You are young! You have so much ahead of you! So much that you don't know about! Be encouraged. This is an exciting time in your life as you are walking with our Lord.
    I pray that you will be blessed in a special way today.
    And, I'm glad to hear that your cute little dog is okay!
    Happy, Happy Birthday!

  8. Hey Amanda, I'm a couple days behind on my blog reading so this is a little late, but...
    What I love about God is that even though we start to feel old at certain times He's saying "Baby, we're just getting started!!"
    Here's to another decade of walking the great, unknown path that God has paved for us.
    I hope your week gets a little easier as well! And that your toenail heals quickly. Ouch!!!
    Proverbs 31:25


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