mr. gibs is ok

GILBY!!Just wanted to tell you that my little dog with many nicknames* is doing ok.

The bruise on his leg has cleared up very well, and he seems to be doing just fine.

I've not yet taken him out around mopeds, so I'm not exactly sure what his reaction will be now.  He was already scared of them to begin with, so . . .

Anyway, thanks to all of you who've been asking about him. I appreciate it. :)

*Gilby answers to "shiao bye" (little white), "shiao Gil" (little Gil), "Que-Be," Mr. Gibs, and of course Gilby.  Why he has so many nicknames I have no idea! But, he does, and he doesn't seem to mind.  Oh, maybe I do know why . . . . he is Taiwanese!! :D  (Just in case you don't know . . . Taiwanese people all have many nicknames.  A Taiwanese person with no nickname is someone with no friends.)


  1. Thanks for the update on Gilby. I am glad he is doing well after his mishap - which sounded pretty scary. Loved the thing about the nicknames - I bet you have many yourself!

  2. GOOD to hear he's well! It's always awful when the little ones get sick or hurt or anything. My younger one had some teeth removed yesterday - ouch!
    The many names - my pooches have a countless list of names, both of them. As did the late big dogs too. (As well as my kids!) And they also respond to most of them! There's a saying in Finland: "A beloved child has many names." :)
    Hoping you're over your b-day funk by now...


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