seeing pink

Grading Essays

I feel like my words are missing . . . my students have stolen them from me. :)

In the last 24 hours, I've corrected approximately 60 essays.  I have about 20 more to go by tomorrow afternoon, and then 40 more for early next week, and then oh . . . about 60 more later in the week.  Most of them are 2-3 pages, but about 20 are close to 10 pages each.

My hand hurts, my vision is blurred, and I've actually emptied the ink out of one pink pen and am about to finish off my second one in a matter of just a few more essays.  (OK, so maybe my arm hurts from sleeping on it funny, and maybe my vision was only blurred for a few seconds when my contact was doing something funny . . . but I really have used up the ink in 1.8 pink pens.)

Finals are in two weeks; but since I teach three writing classes, the majority of my students need to turn in final drafts of essays, research papers, or business emails they've written over the course of the semester.  Which means I am helping them to do their final editing.

. . . which means I'm seeing pink and will continue to do so until mid-January!!

[Oh, yeah, but don't feel sorry for me.  I am not complaining.  I love my job.  Just felt the need to explain why I've not posted much . . . I have no words left to express my own thoughts. :)]


  1. Wow. On the other side of the world here in Florida, I'm grading papers too. I use Orange ink. It started as being the only colored pin I could find and now my kids have come to expect it. I'm grading essays and final exams too.
    I'm so making that oatmeal casserole because my kids need to eat more of it. This sounds delicious. Blessings to you!!! Happy New Year. Thanks for blessing me last year with your blog.

  2. I don't envy you on all that grading. I did plenty of that a few years ago, and it was so tiring. Even though you enjoy it, it's still exhausting. Take care during the next few weeks. ;)

  3. Hi Amanda!
    I definitely remember you!! I have loved reading your blog. You are living my second dream life!!!! My actual life is pretty much a dream, but if I had to choose another, it would definitely be teaching in Taiwan!!!! I love your stories and your pictures!!!! I will definitely be back to visit your site!!!

  4. You inspired me to also grade and correct papers with a pink pen. It has made the kiddies quite happy. My daughter said pink ink isn't intimidating like red ink is. Thanks for the great idea.


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