at 7-11

711 In Taiwan there is literally a 7-11 on every corner, sometimes even TWO at one intersection.  When you have something like 22 million people squeezed into something the size of 1/15 of Texas, it makes sense.

So, today when I was playing 20 questions with my students, I thought it quite clever when nearly every group included the question "can you buy it at 7-11?" in their process to figure out what the item to be guessed was. 

I've never heard that question asked when playing in America . . . . just one more fun little part of life here.


  1. That's neat -
    There are no 7/11s where we are in Texas but I actually met my husband at a 7-11 store! Can you believe that.
    I love the culture snapshots!

  2. 7-11 is so different here compared to back home, isn't it? Back home it's just a place to get snacks when you're on a road trip. Here's it's a place for everything from paying bills to buying eggs! By the way, I tagged you for a little something over at my blog, but no pressure to participate or anything. ;)


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