my blog's chinese name

Awhile back, when I was changing the design of my blog, I translated the title into Chinese.  I never incorporated it into the blog design, but thought I'd post it here anyway just 'cuz.


Of course it means "following an unknown path," but if we translated it literally it would come out more like this: "taking steps on an unknown pathway." 

If you wanted a more word-by-word translation, it would come out more like this: "Walking Unknown Road/Way/Path On"

And, if you want a character-by-character definition it would come out more like this: "Step Walk (indicates current action--hence "ing") Not Know (particle for making adjectives) Course/Way Road On."

And, if you want it in pinyin, it would be: "Bu Xing Zai Wei Zhi Dou Lu Shang."

And, just for fun, here it is in some different fonts.  The font I used above is my favorite Chinese font.  I like it best because it's fun, but I also like it because it comes with a matching fun English font and they go well together.


Isn't Chinese fun?

Oh, and if you happen to be looking for some fun, free Chinese/Asian fonts (like the one in my blog header) look hereKudasai is my favorite, but I also like Japan and Chowfun.

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  1. Hi, there.
    I followed the link from flickr and found your blog.
    First of all, thanks for adding my photos as your favorite.
    And this is an interesting blog.
    I'm so glad to know that you're an English teacher in Taiwan (if I'm not getting wrong).
    Thanks for the education for the next generation of Taiwan.
    I love the post about 7-11. That's really "Taiwan style".
    I've kept your blog in my RSS reader and I'll read your articles regularly.
    Thanks again.


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