reading scripture by genre

Usually I enjoy structure and much order.  I don't like it when someone changes the song in the middle--I need completion, please let the song finish and then change it. 

I don't like flipping the channel during commercials; mute is just fine, thank you.  All that jumping around annoys me. 

I can't start one novel without finishing another one first.  If the novel is bad, it hangs around for awhile unread and keeping me from reading other novels, till finally I get smart enough to just throw it away and move on. 

My Bible
So, why am I telling you all about my completion-complex?  I'm trying something new this year--reading the Bible by genre, reading a different genre each day.  So far, I'm enjoying it despite my completion-complex.

Let me explain.  Each day of the week I read a different genre (literary type)--so on Sundays it's the Gospels, Monday it's law, Tuesday it's narrative/history, Wednesday it's the Psalms, Thursday it's poetry, Friday it's prophecy, and Saturday it's the epistles.  Kinda interesting, huh?

I don't recall at all how I surfed upon this plan, but I do know that the genre based Bible reading plan that I am using is from this site.

At first I thought it might get confusing or I might not like all the jumping around.  I thought I might lose focus or concentration.  Nope.  Not at all. 

One thing I have noticed different with this reading plan is that
since each genre is not equal in length, but they still divided each genre into fifty-two selections, some days the section is only
two chapters while other days it might be six. 

Nevertheless, I am actually quite enjoying having each day specialize on a certain type of writing.

Hmmm . . . wonder if I'd enjoy the Literary Study Bible.

Do you use a reading plan to guide your daily study of Scripture?  If so, what kind of plan are you using?  Are you enjoying it?


  1. Ha! We're polar opposites. I furiously surf the channels and songs. I also start books, get distracted by another one & start it. I routinely have about 5 books, mid-read. It takes me forever to finish one.
    Mid-song, mid-show, mid-book, doesn't matter! I need the constant stimulus. It's exhausting. I'd probably make you dizzy. haha.
    I think I may have a problem. :)
    Kudos to you for trying something new. Maybe I should try it your way for a change of pace.

  2. I like organization too, even if I don't always pay attention to the pattern. Last year I started reading the Bible based on the daily readings from the back of the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. As there are two years I am sticking with it again this year. The Episcopal's have come up with a new plan for the daily readings in a new book, but as I have already started with this I am going to stick with it. Not having ever really read through the Bible before it is helpful to me. Although the genre plan sounds like a good way to understand all the different components in the Bible. I can remember my husband's grandmother's Bible (Amanda's great grand-mother)at the end of her life. She had read through the same Bible from beginning to end about 4 times in her older years.

  3. love the post, but i wanted to tell you i love your hair!! it looks so cute- is it easier or harder to fix in the morning?

  4. 'Aunt' Frances in FloridaJanuary 31, 2008 at 9:25 AM

    Hello, Amanda! I just finished catching up with reading your latest blogs....I like the look of the the look of your hair, and of course, like the look of sweet, precious fur-ball Gilby!! Things are well for Mitzi and I....we are still getting some 'winter' weather here, but Spring should break out soon enough. We have a new pastor at our church in him and his family to pieces...young, full of enthusiasm and the joy of the Lord!...think I will tell her to check out your blog for a different flavor of life. I think she would really enjoy seeing how your life-for-the-Lord has played out so far from 'home'....take care, God bless...loveya, Frances and Mitzi


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